Why we offer car rental service

There are many tourists who like travelling in China and to see it's beauty, feel it's culture, and explore colorful folklores, but most of them found that it is not easy for them to tour around like they had planned because of the limits of public transportation service and obstacles on communication with locals, they cannot reach places in which they feel very interested.

And more, they do not like to travel in a group, which gives them little freedom on sightseeing arrangements and imposes many shoppings; because of this inconvenience, they do not have enough time to stay longer in a place they like, cannot go deeper to find more behind the presented face.

Rent a car, you decide everything, what we do is giving you suggestions and help planning your travel program.

Chengdu city & Environs

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province, and it is the biggest comprehensive city in southwestern China.

come to Chengdu to see the lovely panda bears, find delicious foods, wonderful local snacks, impressive Hot-Pot, feel tea culture, and local people's life.

tours of Chengdu city & Environs

Sichuan classic tours

what does Classic Tours mean here? the tours are most quested and welcome among tourists. for example, the tours to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, tours to Leshan and Mt. Emei, tours to Dujiangyan and Mt.Qingcheng, tours to local old towns around Chengdu downtown, all of them can be calssfied in our "Classic Tours" category.

Sichuan classic tours entry

Sichaun rock carvings

there are many rocking carvings in Sichuan, the most well known one is world's highest buddha statue - Leshan big buddha. there are many other destinations for your discovery of rocking carvings, such as Anyue rocking carvings, Dazu grottoes, Jiajiang 1000 buddha images cliff, Renshou huge buddha statue.

discovery tours of Sichuan rock carvings

Panda tours

close to Chengdu downtown are there 3 panda reserves; also called panda center or panda base.

the most convenient is Chengdu panda center, about 15KM to the north of the city, the other one is Bifengxia panda center, 150KM to the west of Chengdu downtown, the 3rd one is Huangcaoping panda center, 85KM to chengdu's nothwest, on the way to famous Wolong panda center.

amaizing panda tours

Sichuan old towns

there are many old towns scattered in countryside, some are well reserved; in these old towns, the style of local archtecture and the life of local people will bring your memory back to the past time.

among those, we recommend you Shangli old village and town in Ya‘an, zhaohua old town in Guangyuan of northern Sichuan, Langzhong old town in east of Sichuan, Luoquan old town in Zizhong.

tours of Sichuan old towns

Jiuzhaigou Huanglong

Jiuzhaigou is the most attractive sightseeing spot in Sichaun province, it is amaizing for its pure beauty of nature, esp. for its unique lakes; Huanglong is nearby Jiuzhaigou, generally, it's a must of a tour to Jiuzhaigou.

Langmusi, Hongyuan grassland, and the beautiful bends of Yellow river at this corner of the world; here, the astonishing beauty will impress you deeply.

tours to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong paradise

Yading Daocheng Litang

Yading,100KM to the south of Daocheng, is famous for it's unique shapes of snow mountains, there are 3 marvelous snow peaks in, and can be viewed through the year when weather turns better..

on the way to yading, the most impressive to tourists are the grandness of mountains on Sichuan-Tibetan plateau, the changing, marvelous shadows of clouds on mountains, the mysterious tibtetan monasteries and it's rituals; each time on the road will fresh your mind and memory.

tours to Yading and Daocheng

Tagong Danba Mt. Siguniang

we name this travel route as "xiao huan xian" or 'loop tour of tibetan panorama', if your time is limited, but want to impress yourselves with Tibetan culture, this is the best travel route for enjoying the unmatchable nature beauty of hgihland.

on the way, we will visit Mt.siguniang, Danba Tibetan villages, Bamei Huiyuan Tibetan temple, Tagong grassland, Tagong monastery, and get chance to view 7556 meters Mt. Gonggha.

Xiao Huan Xian ( small circle) tours

Baiyu Derge Ganzi area

tours of this box lead you going to northwestern corner of Sichuan province, and this corner, together with Chamdo area of Tibet, is the rebirth place of Tibetan buddhism after it suffered a dead-hit in 9th century from the Bon. even today, this area is full of mystery and deep rooted, impressive Tiebtan religious culture and it's unique archteture style.

many monasteries like Paryuel, Yachen, Ganzi, Dzochen, Xiechen, Dajin, stories about King Gesar lure tourists onto their pilgrimage way!

tours to Ganzi, Derge and Baiyu

Helpful information

Car type and price

mark subject to your requiry and needs for a transfer of a tour, we supply your different type of vehicle, 5 to 19 seats, comfortable, or luxury.

the quantity and size of your luggage play an important role in your decision to choose one car.

the price for different type of vehicle is also different.
car type and price

Terms & Condtions

mark what services are to be expected after you make your booking on car rental?!

on what condtions are you able to cancel the booking without any loss?!

on what conditions will you have to lose some money of deposit if you cancel the booking?!
terms and conditions

How to reserve

mark here are the steps of putting the reservation on car rental for your holiday in Chengdu, and other parts of Sichuan.
reserve and payment

Guide Service

mark while you are in your tour for sightseeing or business purpose, hiring a English/ Chinese speaking guide will help you finding more about the city, enjoying the foods, and learning about this city and its people!
guide service

Tour Photos

mark get some ideas on what the scenic spots looks like, and compare them to those images in your mind!

Useful maps

mark what to know the relative location of the scenic spots? you will find some helpful information here, and, see how your tour will go !
useful maps

Sichuan tours

mark Sichuan is a huge province, and is rich in tourism resources; we offer many routes for your reference, and we hope one of them will match your needs of your holiday.
sichuan tours

Tibet tours

mark in this box, we list all itineraries going to Tibetan area in the west, the northwest and the north of Sichuan province.

in this box, all programs to Jiuzhaigou, Ganzi, Derge, Baiyu, litang, Yading, and Daocheng are listed for your view.
tours of travel tibet area in sichuan

Sichuan visits

mark there are too many visits in Sichuan, here are the major visits we think those are good for you to get some ideas about what you are to expect.
sichuan visits

Panda world

mark as sympol of peace, love and cuteness, panda is an animal of welcome from all fields. Chengdu and Yaan are good place for you to have a admiring close space to enjoy and interact with them.

what you can expect from us is: the pre-planned volunteer works in panda centers of your prefer, tailor-made travel programs to panda centers, together with other scenic spots of your interest.
panda world

Car rental programs

mark generally, these programs are also the routes of tours we can pre-arranged for you.
car hire programs

hire car with English service

mark Chengdu is a good tourists destination, presenting you many attracts and activities to see and participate in. to learn this city, the major obstacle is language of cumminication; except employing englsih speaking guide, a driver of English service will help you out and know more

it's my pleasure to present you good English language service for your impressive stay here.
car rental Chengdu

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