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Get cash in China

from Banks, from the ATM machine, cashing Credit Cards or traveler checks

To reserve an interested tour through us, a portion of 35% of the total cost is required to be paid as deposit, the balance will be cleared when you get the required entry permits and the air tickets (if travel by road, only several permits) or the agreed date.
If you plan to pay the balance by credit cards, please be alert that in China, only these international credit cards can be used to withdraw money from ATM machines in or beside Bank of China, the only legal finacial organ for tourists who hold foreign government issued passports - Master card, Visa card, American Express card, Cirrus card, Visa Interlink and JCB card.

The bank of China will open for business at 0830AM and will close its daily business at 1730PM; generally, the bank will direct you to use ATM machine in or by Bank of China for cash;

Bank of China will not work in weekend; but in weekend, you can still get cash from ATM machines.

If you pay by Card, the maximum of daily withdrawal from ATM machine is less than Chinese money RMB5000.00.

Please keep in mind (1): the maximum of per withdrawal is no more than Chinese money RMB2500.00; (2): ATM machines are not available in all towns; only in big cities such as provicial level city and some famous tourism spots, they are available.
In Tibet, ATM and Bank of China are only available in Lhasa city for foreign tourists to use Cards and exchanging traveler checks.

If you pay by traveller check, you must go to Bank of China and sign the checks there; any signed checks in advance are possible to be refused.

Between Monday and Friday, Bank of China will open from 0830AM till 1730PM; but on Friday, Bank of China are very likely close its business of exchanging traveler checks before 1700PM.

In weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Bank of China will not be in business and will not accept traveller checks.

Anyway, our office will not accept payment directly from Credit Cards and traveller checks; you will have to go to Bank of China personally to cash your Cards or traveler checks. If you are on the tour, your guide will help you to do it.

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